What is Neural Hacks?

Neural Hacks 1.0 was the largest student-run AI Hackathon in the world. Last year, Neural Hacks was an overwhelming success, with over 600 participants from over 20 countries. This year, Neural Hacks 2.0 will aim to provide an improved experience with multiple fun, productive workshops and live presentations that provide the experience of an in-person hackathon. Our ideals are to facilitate the realization of young students’ dreams and to emphasize diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and representation in the tech industry. Participants will team up, brainstorm, plan, execute, and submit a creative project focused around a given theme. We created a platform where students from all over the world can come together and develop solutions to society’s biggest issues. So what are you waiting for? Join Neural Hacks 2.0 to #YourNeuralHacks.