What are Hackathons?

A hackathon is an event where hackers come together to create websites, apps, and different types of programming languages. We will provide all hackers with a specific topic where they create new programs and ideas that will help people in this area.

What is NeuralHacks?

NeuralHacks is the largest virtual hackathon globally, connecting high-school students from all over the world.

Why should I join NeuralHacks and what will I get out of competing at this hackathon?

The NeuralHacks hackathon is an online based event where students will learn and work hard with their teammates to build a device that they feel passionately about and believe that it can help save lives, create efficient processes, and just make work much easier. By joining this hackathon, you will get a fantastic opportunity to learn ideas that continue to evolve today, meet new people, talk with professionals from all over the world, and overall, strive to create something amazing.

Who can attend?

We welcome all high school and college students to participate. Anyone older is eligible to be a mentor/judge for the event!

Is there anything I need?

A stable internet connection, a device to code, and the passion to create something revolutionary!

When does the registration window close?

August 7th, 2020 at 11:59 (PST)

Do I need to know how to code in order to participate in this Hackathon?

Absolutely not! With the help of all our sponsors, NeuralHacks will help students of all levels of different programming languages by providing them everything they need to build their programs.

What are the team eligibility requirements?

Teams can have between 1-4 people.

What happens if I don’t have a teammate?

Not to worry. We’ll partner you with someone if possible, otherwise you can also work alone!

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If you have any other questions or concerns, reach out to us via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or send us an email to neuralhacks@gmail.com.